Private Jet Charter Benefits For Executives

Convenience, flexibility, and luxury are just some of the benefits travelers experience when chartering private aircraft. Unfortunately, commercial air travel has become increasingly troublesome in recent years due to extensive flight delays, lengthy security lines and cancelations, lost luggage, crowded terminals, and discontinued routes have only made commercial air travel even more uncomfortable. Attempting to catch a commercial flight these days usually means sacrificing an entire day. For many successful individuals and companies, losing a day in travel time is simply unacceptable, and it’s no longer the only option. Consider private jet travel for the continued success of your business. Airstream Jets offers:

• Personal flight coordinators, who know your preferences, and are available 24/7
• Security, strategic planning, and certified security personnel are available on demand
• Convenient access to smaller airports closer to your final destination
• Detailed screening of all aircraft and pilots
• Customized charter flights that let you define the travel terms
• Broadband wireless internet access available on many aircraft
• Reductions in travel time by 50% or more
• Luggage loaded directly onto the aircraft in your view
• Flexible flight scheduling or re-scheduling at your discretion
• Personalized concierge and ground transportation services
• In-flight luxuries include spa treatments and massage
• Travel comfortably with your pets. You can even order special catering designed for pets!