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We Are Proud To Be A Global Leader In Aircraft Sales

As a globally recognized corporation, UJet has a broad network of well developed relationships throughout the aviation, financial and legal industries.

Many individuals and companies turn to UJet’s knowledgeable team when looking for guidance in purchasing or selling a new or pre-owned aircraft. Whether you are a buyer or seller, we warmly invite you to contact us and discuss how UJet can meet your personal objectives.

We offer this service anywhere in the world, including in Europe, Russia, the Middle East, Asia, South America and the U.S. If you’re in the market, let’s talk and we’ll find a good fit that meets your particular objectives.

It could be a Learjet for sale, purchasing a Gulfstream or buying or selling virtually any other aircraft available. We scrutinize each jet carefully, and provide a detailed overview of its mechanical and physical condition – as well as an analysis of the commercial advisability of the transaction.

For buyers, UJet can source almost any late-model private jet available on the market, irrespective of whether we have been engaged as the broker, or if the jet is listed with a third party. Our expert team has the contacts and the experience to locate, evaluate and consult on the acquisition of the specific aircraft you are seeking.

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Buy An Airplane

Buying an airplane is something most pilots dream about. But whether you’re a first time buyer or an old hand at aircraft ownership, a successful purchase requires a clear understanding of the mission, careful consideration of the capabilities and limitations of both pilot and aircraft, and a realistic view of the cost of aircraft ownership. 

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Sell An Airplane

You may be thinking about selling your aircraft for any one of a number of reasons: to step up into a more sophisticated aircraft, to step down into an aircraft that’s easier to fly or less expensive to own, to acquire a new, technologically-advanced aircraft, to buy something that’s faster, goes further, holds more or is cheaper to operate…or to retire from flying altogether.

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