Fairchild Metroliner

The Fairchild Metro is one of the most popular small commuter aircraft. It is a twin engine turboprop aircraft manufactured by the Fairchild Aircraft Corporation in San Antonio, Texas. This turbo prop airliner relatively fast and is pressurized-making it an attractive charter option.
The large rear door makes the aircraft well suited for cargo operators or oversized passenger cargo, as well. The Fairchild Metro is an excellent charter option for groups of approx. 12-15 passengers seeking regional charter transport. The per person cost of regional charters on turbo prop airliners often competes with the price of commercial airlines, with the incomparable convenience of private charter.

Aircraft Information

 Passenger Capacity: 12-15
Airspeed (mph): 318
Cabin Width: –
Cabin Length (ft): –
Lavatory Style: Enclosed
Cabin Height (ft): –
Baggage Capacity: Generous