The Gulfstream 200 (or G-200) was originally named “Astra Galaxy.” The Galaxy was developed from the IAI Astra. The Galaxy has a wing based on the Astra wing, and features winglets. It also has a wider and longer fuselage. The wing has Kruger flaps, slats and trailing edge flaps. The aircraft also has a cruciform tail, PW306A engines, and a Collins Pro-Line 4 glass cockpit.
The Galaxy was renamed the Gulfstream 200 following Gulfstream Aerospace acquiring Galaxy Aerospace in 2001

Aircraft Information

 Passenger Capacity: 9
Airspeed (mph): 488
Cabin Width: 7
Cabin Length (ft): 25
Lavatory Style: Full
Cabin Height (ft): 6.3
Baggage Capacity: 150 ft3