The Falcon 2000 is a member of Dassault Aviation’s Falcon business jet line. It is a slightly smaller development of the Falcon 900, featuring twin engines instead of the tri-jet engine configuration. The Falcon 2000 shares the 900’s wing and forward fuselage, but there are a number of design changes.
From the start, the Falcon 2000 was designed with a range of 5560km (3000nm) in mind, which is less than the transcontinental 900’s range. This design range removed the need for the redundancy of three engines for long range overwater flights, allowing the two new CFE738 engines to be fitted, which offer considerable maintenance and operating cost savings.
The CFE738 engine was developed specifically for the Falcon 2000 by a partnership of General Electric and AlliedSignal, known as CFE. The Falcon 2000’s fuselage is 1.98m (6ft 6in), shorter than the Falcon 900’s and so houses less fuel, passengers and baggage.

Aircraft Information

 Passenger Capacity: 10
Airspeed (mph): 481
Cabin Width: 7.7
Cabin Length (ft): 31
Lavatory Style: Full
Cabin Height (ft): 6.2
Baggage Capacity: 134 ft3