The development of the Westwind II resulted in better fuel economy and longer range for a light jet. Thus, the Westwind II, with its slightly larger cabin dimensions, tends to be referred to as the only super-light jet. Charter clients tend to shy away from the jet because it lacks the traditional step-up cabin, but, in reality, it is an excellent choice, especially for slightly longer ranges that would require a fuel stop for most traditional light jets.
The Westwind II will continue to compete as an attractive option in both the light and mid-sized jet class. Savvy business clients won’t ignore opportunities to take a Westwind charter when it is appropriate for their business or personal travel expectations.

Aircraft Information

 Passenger Capacity: 8
Airspeed (mph): 395
Cabin Width: 4.7
Cabin Length (ft): 15.5
Lavatory Style: Partial
Cabin Height (ft): 4.8
Baggage Capacity: – ft3